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IMG 0612

(MEXICAN WAR) Colonel Harney at the Dragoon Fight, J. Baillie 1847 Item 127

IMG 0439

(CIVIL WAR) Shermans March to the Sea, F(elix). O(ctavius). C(arr)Darley, 1883 item 0016

IMG 0451

(WORLD WAR ONE)JOURNEE DE L'ORPHELINAT DES ARMEES,Romberg, Maurice 191544 x 62", lithograph on paper item 0018

IMG 0637

(CIVIL WAR) Etchings of Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens,Alonzo Chappel 1866 item 0161

IMG 0544

(INDIAN WARS) Plans for Fort Thornburgh, Utah territory 1882, G. W. Field, 1882. item 110

IMG 0630

(WORLD WAR ONE & TWO) 1974 A collection of reproductions of US Navy recruiting posters from the 1910's thru the '60's. item 0160

IMG 0506

(WORLD WAR TWO) 1980's reproduction of ELEVATION AND DECK PLANS FOR USS NORTH CAROLINA, DEC. 1941 8 feet in length item 81 Frey Fine Books 2013